How Networking Helps Your Career

How Networking Helps Your Career

To network is to meet, exchange, and share ideas with people. These people usually share a profession, industry, history or interest with you. Finding common ground allows for an exchange of ideas and information. Making new connections will help you develop your career in a variety of ways.

Networking is a two-way street. It's not just about receiving new ideas, but it is also about giving ideas to others. Having a connection with someone should be mutually beneficial to you both. Find the value in the interactions you have and begin networking for your career today. Strive to give more than you get.

Why Should You Network?

As people become aware of you, doors to new opportunities will open. When talking about networking, we must begin by mentioning the importance of referrals. Whether you are looking for a new job in a new industry or a different role within the company you already work for, the connections you have can significantly increase your chances of landing your next job. According to, 40% of all candidates put forward via employee referrals are hired. Building your network increases the possibility that you can get a referral.

Networking isn't only good for finding your next job opportunity, however. A network can also enhance your professional profile, boost your confidence, foster meeting new people, make new friends, and learn new things. Consider what you are looking for in both your life and career. Networking can help bring you closer to your goals.

The Different Ways to Network

There are opportunities to network in every interaction you have whether in-person or online. Every conversation with a new person can potentially help you further your career as you won't know what they can offer you until you talk to them. When you attend networking events in person, or reach out to fellow professionals on LinkedIn, you are putting yourself out there and making yourself open to connections.

Becoming a good networker takes practice. Every person is a unique individual and you must find common ground with them. If conversations about work grow awkward, don't be afraid to ask general questions about people's interests and life. Show that you are invested in them as a person, rather than them only as an industry professional.

If you wish to network with someone purely for a professional relationship, make sure that you choose who you want to connect with. Don't choose a person based on their job title. Be proactive and research beforehand why you will be valuable to someone, and why they will be valuable to you.

How You Can Use a Network to Further Your Career

There are many reasons to network nowadays. As humans in a globalized world, we are more connected than ever before, which means that there are more chances to expand your horizons via networking. You are no longer limited to a small group of people local to you, instead, you can learn from diverse communities all over the world and access them via networks.

Seek out new places to meet people, but make sure you know your intentions before interactions. Be happy to share information and opportunities before another person asks. Let them know that you want them to be involved with you, and they may begin reciprocating information and opportunities for you too.

If a relationship begins to develop, then you have a new resource to learn and ask from. The more connections you make, the more you can build up a library of information that other people can give you. A larger network means you can stay up to date with the latest trends in a wide range of subjects. This can help diversify your career.

If you don't want to diversify your career, you can network to contact senior professionals and colleagues within your industry too. Set goals when planning how you will reach out to them. Be prepared and confident to convince them that you will be a valuable asset to their network.

Networking for Growth

Networking allows for a lot of room for growth. Growth in status, self-confidence, and self-esteem can all be facilitated by making new connections. Find the correct networking channels that work for you and invest your time in them. Do this and you can develop yourself and your career today through networking.

Written by Career Specialist Jan 30, 2023
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