Excuses to Get Out of Work

Excuses to Get Out of Work

To take time off work, you will usually need to go through a process where your boss will approve a specific time period of leave for you to take in the future. During the course of your career, however, there will definitely be times when you unexpectedly need to take some time off of work without any prior notice. There are many common excuses to get out of work and they all come with their own reasons.

Nobody is accusing you of lying, but these reasons must be delivered in a professional manner, and you can't use them habitually. No matter how short notice an excuse to get out of work is, you must be honest and give your employer a valid reason. Let's dive into what you can say for the different excuses to get out of work.

Reasons to Call Out of Work

Feeling Unwell

The most common excuse of them all is missing work as you feel sick. Inform your employer that you are feeling under the weather, and they will usually allow you to stay at home to avoid spreading the illness to your colleagues. If you feel that you can still function by working remotely, then let your boss know that you're available. Don't push yourself, however, as sometimes you need the rest to fully recover.

Personal Problems

With mental health awareness being prevalent in today's society, it is not unusual to take some time off work for personal issues. The workplace may not be a healthy environment for you if you are dealing with something personally. It's ok for things to remain private, so be honest with your boss to the extent that you're comfortable with.

Family Emergency

A family emergency can occur at any time. Your boss may want you to explain what the emergency is, but it is important to ask them to respect your privacy if the situation is serious. Be honest as much as you are willing to be, and this can be another valid excuse to get out of work.

Having an Appointment

Whether it be a doctor, a dentist, or even a house viewing, you can have appointments with many different people. Depending on the urgency of the situation, you can use this as an excuse to your boss to get out of work for the day. If you can still commit to a half-day at work, then this may work better in your favor. Tell your boss the time of your appointment and let them know your availability for the day.

Caring for a Sick Family Member/Pet

You may be stuck with the responsibility of looking after a sick relative or pet. If this is the case, insist to your boss that it is of great importance that you stay at home and help nurse the person or animal back to full health. The more severe the illness, the more likely your boss will be understanding of your situation.

Household Issues

It's bad luck, but a household issue such as your air conditioner malfunctioning or a pipe bursting can happen. While being a costly issue to fix, it may also require you to take a day off work. Let your boss know the issue and say that you're waiting for maintenance workers to resolve the issue. If you are available to work from home, let your boss know that you can be flexible in this situation.

Transport Problems

Traffic problems and train cancellations may warrant it impossible for you to make it to the office. Severe weather may also hinder your ability to jump into a car, bus, or train and get to work. Anticipate these issues if you can, and let your boss know as early as possible that you can't make it to your workspace.

Death of a Loved One

The death of a loved one is always a devastating event. Most companies have bereavement policies in place which allow you to take some days off when this occurs. Time off for this event is essential as you will need time to grieve and process it.

Poor Excuses to Get Out of Work

Feeling Tired

If you say you are too tired to come to work, it will have to be for a VERY good reason. Your boss may view you as lazy or unmotivated to continue working for the company. This excuse isn't recommended, but if you do use it, be careful with how you word it to your boss.

Unhappy at Work

Stating that you are unhappy at work may signify to your boss that you want to leave the company. Even if that isn't the case, this excuse may lead to severe consequences, such as termination of your contract. Explain the situation clearly to your boss if you have a valid reason to be unhappy, and they will be more understanding of you.

Interviewing for a Different Job

This is a terrible excuse to get out of work as it shows your boss that your priorities don't lie with your current job. As you are clearly expressing your desire to leave the company, your boss may take the decision for you and terminate your contract. It would be best to use a personal day or vacation instead for an interview.

Advice for Calling Out of Work

Excuses to get out of work are normally perfectly valid. If you do need some time off, make sure that you're clear and honest in your reasoning to your boss. Make them understand that the time off you need is necessary and that you apologize for the short notice.

You can write a formal email to human resources, call your boss, or follow your company procedure when asking for time off. Be professional and let them know as quickly as possible about your leave request. As long as your absences aren't frequent, you should have no problem using an excuse to get out of work for any important matter.

Written by Career Specialist Jan 16, 2023
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