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Memphis, TN | Full Time
3 Days Ago

Job Description

Must be able to translate spanish to english. Carefully listens to or reads content including jargon and acronymsin the original language. Understands and analyzes what is being said or written, and the message, intent, and nuances being communicated. Reproduces statements or questions in the desired output language Facilitates effective communication with individuals, companies, courts, schools, or other interested parties. Provides simultaneous interpretation (SI) or consecutive interpretation (CI) depending on the desired outcome. Uses equipment such as microphones or headsets as needed to ensure precise and timely translations or interpretations. Gathers, develops, and maintains lists of terminology and information that may be used in technical translations such as legal or medical materials. Protects the confidentiality of information and adheres to any related ethical or professional codes. Performs other related duties as assigned. MUST BE FLUENT IN SPANISH AND ENGLISH

Skills for Translator

The job skills required for Translator include Confidentiality, Effective Communication etc. Having related job skills and expertise will give you an advantage when applying to be a Translator. That makes you unique and can impact how much salary you can get paid. Below are job openings related to skills required by Translator. Select any job title you are interested in and start to search job requirements.

Job Openings with Skill of Confidentiality
Job Openings with Skill of Effective Communication

Career Path for Translator

The following is the career advancement route for Translator positions, which can be used as a reference in future career path planning. As a Translator, it can be promoted into senior positions as a Media Design Manager that are expected to handle more key tasks, people in this role will get a higher salary paid than an ordinary Translator. You can explore the career advancement for a Translator below and select your interested title to get hiring information.