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Director of Growth

Mount Juliet, TN | Full Time
21 Days Ago

Job Description

Who are we looking for?

The Director of Growth is the “chief growth officer” of the expansion empire. This individual lives for growth, charting out a path to extend the influence of the Expansion Network by creating new Expansion Businesses, and creating relationships with top talent. He/she is a location scout, a talent scout, finding emerging and potential talent to drive growth. As the empire grows, the Director identifies the potential for additional Regions, and helps lead the process of planning and filling those Regions with Regional Directors and Network Referral Agents, as needed. The Director is an individual who faces challenges while maintaining a win-win, positive attitude. He/She is attracted to leadership roles, believes in achieving results through empowering others, and is well-liked for his/her optimistic, dynamic personality.


The Director of Growth sets clear growth goals with the Network Leadership Team, and hits these goals by succeeding through people. The Director consults with the Network Referral Agents on their local business, using clear growth paths and strong accountability to create growth. . The Director of Growth is committed to developing opportunities for talented key hires. The  Director of Growth is learning-based, accountability-based, and committed to identifying and breaking through ceilings of achievement, both personally and for others



What will you do?

    • The Director of Growth oversees the growth of the Network's empire.
    • Adapts Hub systems for the Expansion Businesses.
    • Identifies new expansion locations.
    • Recruits talented potential Network Referral Agents.
    • Identifies the need to add new Regions and helps to find needed Regional Partners.
    • Maintains a common, consistent culture across Expansion Businesses and Regions.
    • Ensures a high level of accountability and a focus on growth for all Network Referral Agents.
    • Builds relationships with local Market Center leadership.
    • Serves as conduit between the Expansion Businesses and the Hub.
    • Supports Expansion Owners in growing their teams.


Essential duties and responsibilities

    • Maintains a high-level, strategic plan for growth of the expansion empire.
    • Creates a clear growth path for Network Referral Agents and Regional Directors, including First 100 Day and training paths.
    • Maintains consistent communication and accountability with all Network Referral Agents and Regional Directors (daily).
    • Builds relationships with expansion stakeholders, including Market Center leadership and select allied resources.
    • Consistently searches for high-level talent that can help lead the empire.
    • Identifies high potential locations for future expansions, researching how they fit with the overall growth strategy.
    • Builds the culture of the company, ensuring each Expansion Business and Region is contributing to the culture of the whole. 
    • Retains Network Referral Agents and Regional Directors through supporting their production, coaching and consulting as needed, and recognizing their success.


    • Expansion Network Owner – weekly
    • VP of Strategic Growth- weekly
    • Expansion Referral Agent – daily
    • Director of Operations/Hub Leadership – weekly/as needed
    • Market Center Leadership –biweekly/monthly
    • Local Business Leadership – as appropriate


Management Responsibilities    

    • Network Referral Agents
    • Team agents operating in expansion locations


    • Strong strategic, business-building skills
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent organizational and time-management abilities
  • Self-motivated and able to self-manage
    • Open to accountability and driven to excellence
  • High school graduate
  • Demonstrated sales experience
  • Business and growth mindset

Skills for Director of Growth

The job skills required for Director of Growth include Leadership, Futures, Consulting, Time Management, Team Leadership,and Accountability etc. Having related job skills and expertise will give you an advantage when applying to be a Director of Growth. That makes you unique and can impact how much salary you can get paid. Below are job openings related to skills required by Director of Growth. Select any job title you are interested in and start to search job requirements.

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Career Path for Director of Growth

The following is the career advancement route for Director of Growth positions, which can be used as a reference in future career path planning. As a Director of Growth, it can be promoted into senior positions as a Top Division Business Development Executive that are expected to handle more key tasks, people in this role will get a higher salary paid than an ordinary Director of Growth. You can explore the career advancement for a Director of Growth below and select your interested title to get hiring information.