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2 Specimen Processing Jobs in Weymouth, MA

South Shore Health
Weymouth, MA | Full Time
$56k-74k (estimate)
3 Months Ago
SSH South Shore Hospital, Inc.
Weymouth, MA | Part Time
1 Week Ago
Specimen Processing
$56k-74k (estimate)
Full Time 3 Months Ago

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South Shore Health is Hiring a Specimen Processing Near Weymouth, MA

Job Description Summary

Under the direction of the supervisor, performs specimen processing, customer services and non–technical duties in the General Laboratory.

Job Description

1. Receives, logs–in, and assigns computer accession numbers to specimens (bloods, urines and body fluids) from nursing floors, outpatient drawing sites and off–site locations.

a. Receives specimens into the LIS by scanning barcodes or manual entry.
b. Verifies upon receipt, that all samples are labeled according to laboratory policy.
c. Correctly labels tubes with bar coded labels, double checking the name on the barcode label with the name on the specimen and affixing the label in such a way that the original name on the specimen can still be seen.
d. Looks up all un-barcoded specimens inthe LIS. Prints appropriate labels if ordered or contacts appropriate floor if no orders have been entered.
e. Accurately and completely enters all tests into the LIS from downtime and outpatient requisitions.
f. Documents in the LIS any specimen or test cancellations and contacts the appropriate physician or location.
2. Properly prepares specimens according to specific Reference Laboratory requirements, using all available reference books or calling the specific lab for requirements.

a. Centrifuges and separates specimens to be sent out observing any special test requirements.
b. Transmits a temperature-specific site batch report to the appropriate reference lab and enters the number and type of the specimen(s) sent.
c. Enters the name of the test and order code into the LIS whenever ordering a miscellaneous test send out (MTSO)
d. Submits cpt code(s) and cost for MTSO tests to the Specimen Processing Supervisor for billing.
3. Maintains work area — cleans bench, restocks supplies, notifies Supervisor of low stock.

a. Performs daily cleaning of work area.
b. Maintains appropriate supplies for work being performed.
c. Assures that supplies are sufficient for ongoing testing. Notifies Supervisor where not.
4. Scans reference laboratory results into the LIS.

a. Enters reference lab results within 24 hours after receipt.
5. Reviews outstanding specimen reports for send–out tests to verify status.

a. Follows up on any overdue results.

6. Transports specimens from specimen processing area to laboratory sections.

a. Receives specimens from pneumatic tube system immediately, making sure that all specimens are removed and that the carrier has foam pads in it before placing it back into the tube system
b. Delivers routine specimens to appropriate laboratory within 10 minutes of receipt.
c. Delivers STAT specimens immediately to laboratory sections after receipt of specimen.
7. Registers all specimens brought directly to the lab utilizing the LIS.

a. Completes all required fields with correct information.
b. Verifies all information for accuracy.
8. Answers phones and gives reports to nursing floors, physicians and offsite facilities.

a. Gives reports accurately and completely.
b. Answers phone in a timely, proper and courteous manner, identifying oneself and location.
c. Transfers calls when necessary to appropriate area
d. Relays messages that are complete and accurate.
9. Generates and distributes laboratory reports as needed.

a. Faxes reports when required, verifying fax number and faxing only external inquiry reports.
10. Records daily temperatures of refrigerators and freezers in specimen processing area.

a. Records temperatures daily.
b. Notifies Supervisor if temperature falls outside of established limits.

11. Consistently adheres to established Laboratory and Hospital policies for Universal precautions, Chemical hygiene and Safety procedures. When handling blood and /or body fluids, Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) will be utilized in order to minimize exposure to infectious diseases.

a. Wears lab coats, gloves, goggles and protective devices as required when handling specimens.
b. Follows safety policies for dress.
c. Reports any safety hazards to the appropriate supervisor.
d. Cleans and disinfects work area according to established protocol, during and at the end of assigned shift.
e. Uses protective barrier equipment as required.
f. Knows where to find material safety data sheets (MSDS) for items used to perform job.
g. Properly disposes of contaminated and hazardous waste materials.
h. Knows location and procedure for spill kits.
i. Maintains a neat, organized work environment.
12. Under the direction of the Supervisor, will help in the training and orientation of new employees.

a. Works with new employees to assist in training of departmental procedures.
b. Acts as a resource to new employees.
13. Technology – Is receptive to technological advances, changes and solutions to work processes and practices.

14. Safety Awareness – Fosters a “Culture of Safety” through acknowledgement, adherence and demonstration of a safe environment as stated in the Laboratory Policies for Chemical Hygiene, Infectious Disease Control and Safety. The employee is knowledgeable of who the responsible Safety Officers are both in the Laboratory. See #11 above for additional performance expectations.

15. Enters all "add-on" tests requests according to procedure. Orders a redraw if unable to add on.

16. Reports to work stations/assignments on schedule ready to work, and work their entire work schedule unless absence/tardiness/leaving work early is pre-approved, or unscheduled with the appropriate notice to the employee's manager.
Essential Functions (Cont.)
I. Technology and Learning

a. Participates in continued learning and possess a willingness and ability to learn and utilize new technology and procedures that continue to develop in their role and throughout the organization.
b. Embraces technological advances that allow us to communicate information effectively and efficiently based on role.
Minimum Education - Preferred
Equivalent of four (4) years of high school education.
Minimum Work Experience
Up to three (3) months to become proficient.

Job Summary


Full Time


$56k-74k (estimate)





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