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Medical Screener

Kansas City VA Medical Center (KCVA), MO | Full Time
15 Days Ago

Job Description

Title: Screeners

Location: Kansas City VA Medical Center (KCVA) in Kansas City, MO.


  • Hours of peak outpatient usage are 7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (0730 – 1500 hours).
  • Hours of peak Inpatient usage are 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. (0900 – 1900 hours).


Full time


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Kansas City VA Medical Center (KCVA) is seeking a Screening and Escort Service (SES) Contract.

The purpose of this service contract is to provide support for the Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT) design standards and requirements per Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Health for Administrative Operations (10NA).

The overall objective of this service is to expedite the escort of patients and visitors throughout the KCVA campus while also providing COVID-19 screening procedures and excellent customer service. The SES will lead to enhanced patient care experience and ensure patient, visitor, and employee safety while safeguarding the Veterans Experience Office (VEO) Mission: “To enable VA to be the leading customer service organization in government so that Veterans, their families, caregivers and survivors Choose VA”. The SES will provide services to enhance our ability to establish a PACT Space Module design by increasing our caregivers face-to face time with veterans and reducing time away from worksite while adding value to our veterans through a patient centered safety screening, car to care and Inpatient/Outpatient/Emergency Department escort service.





  • Possess the ability to, physically and mentally, assist customers and resolve any customer issues that may arise.
  • Ability to fluently read, write and speak English. Spanish or any other language is acceptable as a secondary form of communication (as needed). English is the primary form of communication at the KCVA.
  • Drug Free.
  • Free of Disqualifying Crimes.
  • Able to participate in required trainings.
  • The staff must possess or learn ADA/handicap knowledge and skills. The need is mandatory.
  • The staff shall have proven expertise and previous experience with patient flow, patient transfer, escort assistance. It is also preferred that the employees have proven expertise and previous experience with COVID-19 screening procedures.
  • The staff shall consider quality of care and how their organization will help accomplish KCVA goal as a High Reliability Organization as the primary objectives during project planning and execution.
  • The staff working in this capacity must be mature, dependable, and empathetic, and be able to be courteous and respectful while communicating effectively with patients, guests, and staff
  • The staff working in this capacity must be able to answer questions, provide information and direct people to the desired location, thus creating an atmosphere that is caring, yet efficient.
  • All services shall be performed in accordance with industry standards, all terms, conditions, schedules, provisions, trainings, and requirements of this solicitation and any resultant contract.


Physical requirement:


  • Staff must be able to lift or carry a minimum of 51 pounds.
  • Staff must be able to walk or stand for more than 8 hours.



Duties and responsibilities:


  • All staff with access to patient information in the performance of their duties needs to know their responsibilities in maintaining the confidentiality of VA sensitive information, especially patient information, by completing the annual VA Privacy and Information Security Awareness and Rules of Behavior training. This will be provided by the VA after contract award.
  • Staff must be reliable and be able to be held accountable.
  • Staff to understand and maintain I CARE Core Values and Characteristics as codified in VA regulations
  • Staff will be standing and or walking patients and guests around for at least 90% of their tour of duty.
  • Staff will be utilized primarily for Inpatient and Emergency Department escort throughout facility as needed, transfer of patients from personal vehicles into facility, and COVID screening services at entrance of KCVA facility.
  • Escort of patients will include transport via wheelchair, stretcher, or hospital bed.
  • Transfer of patients from personal vehicles may include the use of mechanical lifts.
  • Staff must possess critical thinking skills to manage urgent patient & visitor needs and escalate to VA medical professionals as appropriate.
  • Staff will provide COVID-19 screening procedures as outlined in KCVA COVID-19 Standard of Work.
  • Staff will perform other duties that include, but not limited to the escort of lab supplies/specimen, pharmacy supplies/medications, logistics supplies, and prosthetic devices (e.g., canes, wheelchairs, etc.), throughout the KCVA facility.
  • Staff will be utilized in the case of emergency or system failure (e.g., power outage, tube system outage, etc.) to assist with escort needs or needs requested by the COR as a contingency.



Identified needs in patient services are:


  • Patient vehicle transfer and escort assistance as appropriate (physically help a patient in and out of their car).
  • Patient transfer and escort assistance within and around the facility to include Inpatient and Outpatient services, including the Emergency Department.
  • Escort assistance of lab supplies/specimen, pharmacy supplies/medications, logistics supplies, and prosthetic devices (e.g., canes, wheelchairs, etc.).
  • All arrived patients, guests, and contractors screened in accordance with COVID-19 screening procedures.
  • All arrived patients, guests, and contractors greeted and connected to the appropriate staff to request VA services and care.
  • The purpose of this effort is to find a contractor that has the proven experience with patient flow, patient transfer, and escort assistance that can also provide staff for COVID-19 screening upon entry into the KCVA.
  • The Contractors staff will primarily welcome, provide wayfinding, vehicle transfer and escort assistance to the patient/visitor desired clinic/location for appointments/meetings, Inpatient/Emergency Department escort, and provide COVID-19 screening, creating an efficient, caring, empathetic, and safe atmosphere.




  • The KCVA is an approximately 850,000 square foot facility in Kansas City, MO. The facility contains an Emergency Department and numerous Inpatient units and Outpatient clinics, as well as ancillary services requiring patient escort during all hours of operation
  • Based on operations at KCVA, it is estimated the SES representatives will encounter an average of 1,500 visitors per day. It is understood the number of visitors indicated herein are only estimated quantities and may fluctuate throughout the contract period.
  • The total number of staff will need to be adjusted based on operational needs. Screening services will be necessary as long as COVID 19 guidance requires screening. The Contractor will need to fluctuate staffing models as more information about COVID19 is obtained.
  • Building keys will not be provided to the Contractor. The KCVA will be opened and closed by VA security during business hours. Badge access is available and will be provided for use when doors are locked

Skills for Medical Screener

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How to Become a Medical Screener

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