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About River Edge Behavioral Health

Serving more than 10,000 Georgians, River Edge continues to be one of the state's leading resources for mental health, substance use disorder treatments and supports as well as individuals with intellectual and development disabilities. The full continuum of River Edge Behavioral Health services provides state-of-the-art treatment and support services for more than 13,000 children, youth, families and adults annually, who experience mental illness, addiction, co-occurring disorders or developmental disabilities.

Under the supervision of the Lead Security Officer, this full-time position is responsible for on site security at the River Edge Behavioral Health Crisis Service Center (BHCC) which consist of a Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) and Crisis Service Center (CSC). The Security Officer position protects and maintains a secure environment by enforcing rules and regulations to ensure the safety of staff, clients, visitors, and the facility.

The BHCC (CSU/CSC) is community alternative to or diversion from inpatient hospitalization, offering psychiatric stabilization and detoxification services. The program provides medically monitored residential services for the purpose of providing psychiatric stabilization and substance detoxification services on a short-term basis.

: Under general supervision, patrols assigned areas and ensures safety of building and grounds for a residential facility that provides treatment for behavioral health clients in crisis for adults and children.

  1. Provides security measures during involuntary and voluntary admissions to the BHCC (CSU/ CSC) to ensure the safety of staff and clients.
    1. Responds to pages to assist in de-escalating clients and preventing a physical confrontation.
    2. Assists in preventing violent outbursts by providing added security to the units before clients become combative.
    3. Responds to medical codes by escorting emergency staff and vehicles to the unit or site.
    4. Assists clinical staff in emergency crisis situations to ensure the safety of clients and staff.

  1. Provides general security for the BHCC (CSU/ CSC) to ensure the safety and security of buildings, clients, and staff.
    1. Escorts unauthorized visitors from BHCC (CSU/CSC).
    2. Monitors visitors to ensure they do not assist a client in escaping from the facility or bring in unapproved items.
    3. Monitors visitors in the designated areas of the BHCC (CSU / CSC).
    4. Ensures the safety of staff that have been threatened by clients or their families.

  1. Assists community agencies (Macon-Bibb County Fire Department, Macon-Bibb County Sheriff Department, Ambulance Services, and other authorized agencies) in various duties when admitted to the BHCC (CSU / CSC) to ensure the safety of staff and clients.
    1. Be familiar with fire protection services, locations of pull stations, reset boxes, etc. to assist Fire Department in event of a fire alarm.
    2. Assist with evacuation of unit/building in the event of a safety emergency as directed by the Charge Nurse.
    3. Check fire extinguishers monthly to assure compliance.

  1. Patrols buildings and grounds by foot and vehicle to ensure personal and property safety.
    1. Works to support clinical staff on the unit and performs routine perimeter checks.
    2. Checks buildings for unlocked doors and windows; vandalism; fire and other hazardous conditions; and proper operation of the building systems.
    3. Reports any facility related maintenance items to the Charge Nurse.

  1. Performs other duties as assigned.

Does not supervise, but may provide work direction and training from Lead Security Officer.

: Challenges include crisis intervention; responding to psychiatric and medical problems; making sound decisions under stressful situations; maintaining composure when dealing with physically and verbally abusive and assaulting individuals; maintaining a high degree of visibility and constant monitoring of the BHCC (CSU/CSC) and grounds area; responding quickly and responsibly to potentially dangerous and life-threatening situations; resolving and calming clients and visitors that may be extremely agitated; and responding in and working in all types of weather conditions.

Decisions include when and how to intervene in emergency situations; what actions should be taken to maintain security and safety of staff, clients, and visitors; whether to call local law enforcement to assist in a situation; interpreting and resetting alarms on equipment; determining proper enforcement procedures to implement in any security situation; making appropriate system adjustments to equipment; when to initiate evacuation and/or emergency measures; prioritizing calls to determine most appropriate action; and analyzing a situation to determine if maintenance or administrative staff need to be contacted.

Daily contact with clients during admissions, emergency code situations, and physical conflict; staff to give assistance in providing client safety, provide technical assistance regarding rules and regulations; law enforcement upon receiving admissions and to assist in security matters; and the general public to provide information and assistance and give directions.

The incumbent works with adult and juvenile psychiatric and chemical dependency clients who are unpredictable, unmanageable, and verbally and physically abusive both to other clients and employees. Physical assaults by clients are not unusual.

Requires well-developed human relations and a knowledge of:

  1. De-escalation techniques.
  2. Psychiatric clients and/or disorders.
  3. Law enforcement and security principles and procedures.

Work on shift with the ability to:

  1. Interpret and enforce facility rules and regulations.
  2. Function decisively and with authority in crisis situations.
  3. Deal effectively with hostile individuals.
  4. Communicate information clearly and concisely to clients, staff, and the general public.
  5. Operate computer systems.
  6. Walk and stand for extended periods of time.
  7. Recall and record information concisely and accurately.
  8. Deal tactfully with coworkers, clients, and the general public.

High School diploma or GED. Valid driver's license. Requires completion of yearly continuing education.

Ability to work well with others - Excellent written and oral communication skills - Available 6pm-6am. Or 6a-6p/6pm-6am PRN.

Minimum of 1 year experience in providing security services in a health care setting. Previous work in a behavioral health environment a plus.

We at River Edge believe every employee has a right to a safe work environment. Therefore, we require full vaccination of all employees. Getting the vaccine, frequently washing your hands, sanitizing common areas, and wearing your mask continues to be the most effective way to fight COVID-19.

Company Overview

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  • Headquarters MACON, GA
  • Size 200 - 500
  • Founded 1950
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  • Revenue $10M - $50M
  • Industry Healthcare
  • About river edge behavioral health
  • River Edge Behavioral Health offers a full continuum of mental health, substance abuse disorder, and intellectual disability support services throughout Georgia. With more than 700 dedicated, compassionate, and professional employees, River Edge makes life better for more than 10,000 Georgians annually.