1 Veterinary Tech Asst. / Registered Vet Tech Job in Springdale, OH

Noah's Ark Animal Clinics
Springdale, OH | Full Time
$31k-44k (estimate)
4 Days Ago
Veterinary Tech Asst. / Registered Vet Tech
$31k-44k (estimate)
Full Time 4 Days Ago

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Noah's Ark Animal Clinics is Hiring a Veterinary Tech Asst. / Registered Vet Tech Near Springdale, OH


Availability. Compassion. Trust. These are just some of the core values of Noah’s Ark Animal Clinics.

Noah’s Ark Animal Clinics now boast three state-of-the-art clinics and two wellness clinics, caring for over 60,000 dogs and cats in Greater Cincinnati each year. From laser-assisted surgery, ultrasound, digital x-ray, to a full in-network lab for quick results – we have everything needed to care for your pet

We currently have a Veterinary Assistant or Technician position open at our Springboro location.

The goal of this position is to work with our team of veterinarians and technicians to physically provide excellent care and treatments for patients in line with veterinarian’s treatment orders and clinic guidelines. Veterinary Technicians are under the medical guidance and supervision of the doctor(s), but report directly to our Technician Manager. Incumbents of this position are required to assist the practitioners to the fullest possible extent, to help improve the quality of care given to the patients of Noah’s Ark Animal Clinics and to aid the veterinarians in achieving greater efficiency by relieving them of technical work and administrative detail.


  • Maintaining cleaning and stocking of exam rooms and treatment area, and assuring that drugs and equipment are ready for use.
  • Provide restraint of pets for examination and treatment by the veterinarian. Prepare medications (both injections and dispensed medications) for outpatient, hospitalization and surgical cases.
  • Ensure a smooth and timely flow of outpatient services from the check-in to the discharge.
  • Help doctors administer anesthetics; prepare patients for surgery; monitor patients during surgery and recovery; assist in surgery; administer fluids; perform support therapy to patients in surgery and post-op; remove and ready next patient.
  • Properly clean, pack and autoclave all surgical materials after they are used. Keep the operating room properly stocked and prepared for surgery.
  • Help the doctor treat patients; assist in medical or surgical procedures such as irrigating wounds, medication, cleansing wounds, and bandaging. Perform the full range of “tableside” assistance to the practitioners.
  • Perform clinical laboratory procedures such as fecal flotation exams, heartworm examinations, skin scrapings, urinalysis, fungal cultures and draw blood for laboratory analysis. Prepare samples for shipment to laboratory and prepare laboratory requisition forms. Perform other in-house tests such as parvo virus tests and immunoglobin transfer tests and feline leukemia virus tests. Maintain file of lab test results and ensure patient records have test results recorded in them.
  • Take all radiographs and learn to label them properly before the veterinarian reviews them. Be able to copy radiographs onto a disc for clients.
  • Perform in-clinic procedures such as de-wormings, record patient weights and TPR (temperature, pulse, respiration), record observations on patient status such as nature and amount of vomitus, bowel movements, and urination. These procedures may include, but will not be limited to performing ear flushes and plucks, enemas and dental prophies for dogs and cats. Monitor vital signs on all patients. Aid in the restraint and treatment of these patients as needed.
  • Proper documentation of information on hospital forms, travel sheets, radiographs, laboratory materials, etc.
  • Assist kennel personnel in keeping patients clean and dry at all times. Ensuring that all patients are clean, comfortable and well-kept is the responsibility of the entire healthcare team, especially the technical departments.
  • Admit and discharge patients on the doctor’s orders, being especially careful to ensure that patients being discharged are well-groomed and in a medically appropriate state. Answer client questions one-on-one on various aspects of animal care up to, but not including, controversial items and/or those best left to the veterinarians. Pass on information/advice from the veterinarians; explain dosage/purpose of medications; reinforce through discussion and demonstration of the proper care and procedures that should be followed at home. Inform client when they should return for the patient’s medical progress examination.
  • Conduct medical call backs with clients concerning certain patients; recommend additional visit if patient’s progress does not appear satisfactory.
  • Assist the receptionist when necessary and assume their duties during one’s absence if and when needed.
  • Maintain an appropriate inventory of all supplies as dictated by the inventory control system. Inform appropriate member of management as needed about items that need to be ordered. Unpack boxes of medical supplies, check expiration dates, rotate stock and store. Make sure all products and literature are identified with labels. Also understand usage and recommendations for such prescription drugs as heartworm preventative and prescription flea control products.
  • Medicating all hospitalized patients and boarding animals that will need medications and variety of other treatments during their stay. This includes, but not limited to; insulin, phenobarbital, ear medicine, etc

Noah's Ark offers a competitive benefits package which includes the following: medical, dental, vision, disability, retirement savings with company match, paid leave (holidays, PTO) and discounts on our products and services.

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Full Time


$31k-44k (estimate)