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1 Research/Analyst Consultant Job in Waterbury, CT

Waterbury, CT | Contractor
$76k-101k (estimate)
1 Week Ago
Research/Analyst Consultant
NEST Waterbury, CT
$76k-101k (estimate)
Contractor 1 Week Ago

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NEST is Hiring a Research/Analyst Consultant Near Waterbury, CT


Who Is Nest: NEST, a non-profit, HUD certified, NeighborWorks America affiliate organization with a passion for creating homeowners and revitalizing neighborhoods. Our goal is to ensure successful, sustainable homeownership for people of all income levels and backgrounds. We believe in creating neighborhoods of choice, not circumstances. We believe in the transformative power of architecture and quality design and their ability to elevate one’s experience within their home and throughout their community. We not only make the best homes, but also utilize renewable energy systems that will minimize annual utility cost, truly redefining the definition of affordable. Our mission keeps us focused and accountable; our vision drives us and our values dictate how we succeed.

Project: Nest and the Community Building & Empowerment (CBE) Department are requesting proposals from qualified and experience organization, and or individual that have demonstrated competency and success in providing data analysis, graphic design, writing, and research on asset based community development (ABCD) projects. The purpose of this RFP is to acquire a consultant / temporary employee to create, develop and publish a multi-page document and/ or an executive report with short and long paragraphs with informational and data visualization such as, graphs, pivot tables, and other info-graphics that highlights, explains, pinpoints, summarizes, and quantifies data gathering by Nest Data Collectors, the Block Captain, and Nest staff.

Budget: The intended budget for the cost of service to produce the good(s) requested is entirely grant funded as does not have the ability to exceed the budgeted allotment which totals $8,700.00. The number of hours it may require to complete this project will be based upon the previous experience, skill set, and other factors, however, the Research/ Analyst Consultant must work a minimum of 7.25 hours a week for no more than 3 months to deliver a final products that adheres to the standards and request of the sponsoring organization.

Scope of Work (SOW): NEST is a housing developer with a 501© 3 status with the primary goal of creating homeownership opportunities and revitalizing neighborhood. The organization has a strong commitment to Comprehensive Community Development (CCD). CCD is a methodology that focuses on the totality of neighborhood improvement and will include elements of empowerment, human rights, inclusion, social justice, self-determination and collective action.

On April 20, 2023 Nest executed its first day of Asset Mapping within the Crownbrook and South End Neighborhoods. Asset Mapping is the systematic process of cataloging asset within a neighborhood such as individual skill sets, institution, association, physical spaces, and elements of the local economy.

Asset Mapping is an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) tool, used to mobilize communities, create a connection between micro-assets and the macro-environment, and with the premise that residents can propel a community vision themselves by discovering existing and unrecognized assets, and thereby creating local economic opportunity.

Additional info of the Nest’s process of implementation of Asset Mapping can viewed through request.

SOW The Research/Analyst Consultant will have the responsibility of compiling and synthesizing raw excel data and or Google Docs data into a digestible format that can be read by a general audience. The end product will identify and summarize all of the data collected with visuals and solid conclusion.

The Project Goals are to:

 Showcase all the asset (individual skill sets, institution, association, physical spaces, and elements of the local economy) found in the neighbor in a map format of the Crownbrook and South End neighborhood.

 Create a section where assets will be identified on a separate page using a number, the physical address, photo, and other details as found on the Block Observation sheet and saved documents on Nest’s cloud service (data house).

 Develop short and long paragraphs and information visuals summarizing the anecdotal experience of resident with direct quotes from the collected surveys.

 Develop data visualization representing quantified data collected in the format of graphs, pivot tables, dash boards, and pie charts.

Key Deliverables:

 A printable document/ report that displays qualitative and quantitative information from collected resident’s surveys and block observations.

 A shareable PowerPoint that displays qualitative and quantitative information from collected resident’s surveys and block observations.

 A change management/ action plan that can be implemented from the approach of Asset Based Community Development.

 Lead a community presentation reviewing the data collected, a tentative change management plan, and next steps for residents.

Barriers to Completion:

 The amount of data collected.

 Improper completion of survey by data collectors.

 Inaccessibility and / or poor data quality.

 Qualitative vs Quantitative data.

Project Timeline:

 Project start date will begin in the spring/ summer of 2024.

 Research / Analyzation Phase – begin reviewing collected data. The review process will take about 3 – 4 weeks and will start once a contract is signed and the official start date of the project has been identified by the proposer and proposee.

 Key Deliverables / Community Presentation must take place 2-3 weeks prior to total project closeout.

 Project closeout has been reached once an agreement has been signed by both parties stating the acceptance of the product(s) delivered and the release of sensitive data is returned to NEST.

Payment Terms and Condition:

 Half of the payment once an official contract is signed and dated and the proposee agrees to deliver the products/ services described.

 Quarter of payment, halfway through the project and once milestone have been confirmed as completed or in progress.

 Remaining quarter of payment, upon project completion and signed project close (within 7 business days).

Project Reporting:

 Report to Community Building & Empowerment Manager weekly on project updates.

Selection Criteria

 Connecticut based organization/individual preferred.

 Bilingual in Spanish preferred (some of the data was collected in Spanish).

 Extensive experience in Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) initiatives.

 Extensive background in community data collection and data analyzation.

 Demonstrated ability to identify patterns and trends in raw excel data.

 Ability to avoid biases, fallacies, and logic errors in your analysis and summarization of data.

 Superior ability to produce accurate and trustworthy results.

 Proposals that fail to understand ABCD methodology will be considered as non-qualified or qualified with limited experience under special circumstance.

Submission Process

 Submission must be sent via sealed mail, or electronically with the subject title, “Request for Proposal - Asset Mapping.” Responses by must be received no later than 7:00 pm EST, 05/23/2024. Any responses after that date will be accepted but may not be evaluated. Any inquiries should be directed to Ian Blake – / 203.753.1896 x 216 or Maybeth Morales-Dais –

 Submission should be sent to: Ian Blake, Community Building & Empowerment Manager Nest 193 Grand Street, 3rd floor Waterbury, CT 06702

 The vendor will be selected no later than 06/06/2024.

 A final product must be delivered by at the end of the 3 months as noted.

 Submission cover page must follow this format: a. Project Name or Description: b. Company Name: c. Address: 5 Page 5 of 5 d. City, State, and Zip Code: e. Contact person: f. Telephone: g. Email Address: h. Fax Number.

Submission Criteria- *Submission must, at a minimum, include the following elements

A. Description of the consultant that include a general overview and background, with names, credentials of creative team (if applicable).

B. A one-page narrative outlining the consultant strengths and distinguished skills or capabilities as they might relate to Nest and Asset Based Community Development (ABCD).

C. A representative (electronic selection of project management work/plans for current and past clients).

Job Type: Contract

Pay: From $2,900.00 per month


  • 4 hour shift

Work Location: In person

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$76k-101k (estimate)








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