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PACU RN MedBridge Development Sacramento, CA | Full Time
6 Days Ago
RN - PACU UHS of Delaware, Inc. EAGLE PASS, TX | Full Time
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PACU RN KMA Human Resources Consulting Portland, ME | Full Time
1 Month Ago
RN - PACU Spectrum Healthcare Resources Camp Springs, MD | Other
1 Month Ago
RN - PACU Spectrum Healthcare Resources Texas, TX | Other
1 Month Ago
PACU RN The Centers for Advance ENT Care Annapolis, MD | Full Time
1 Month Ago
RN PACU Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center Patchogue, NY | Full Time
1 Month Ago
Registered Nurse (RN) - PACU Springhill Medical Center Mobile, AL | Full Time
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RN - PACU ( PART TIME) UHS of Delaware, Inc. WASHINGTON, DC | Part Time
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RN - PACU (Days) #32907 AdeIphi MedicaI Staffing® Tucson, AZ | Contractor
2 Days Ago
RN - PACU (Days) - #32757 Adelphi Medical Staffing® Mesa, AZ | Contractor
19 Days Ago
Registered Nurse (RN) - PACU VCUHSA VCU Health System Authority Administration, NY | Full Time
1 Month Ago
Part Time RN- PACU ThedaCare, Inc. Neenah, WI | Part Time
1 Month Ago
Part Time PACU RN ThedaCare, Inc. Neenah, WI | Part Time
1 Month Ago
PACU RN - Full-time - Days The Bellevue Hospital Bellevue, OH | Full Time
25 Days Ago
RN PACU Austin, TX (Mid) ATC Healthcare Travelers Austin, TX | Part Time
1 Month Ago
Registered Nurse (RN) - PACU Full Time Day UHS of Delaware, Inc. MURRIETA, CA | Full Time
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RN - SURGERY CENTER (PACU, Pre/Post-OP) UHS of Delaware, Inc. RIVERSIDE, CA | Full Time
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Registered Nurse (RN) PACU 10/hour shifts Days Reno, NV Evolve Healthcare Inc. Reno, NV | Full Time
14 Days Ago
PACU Registered Nurse (RN) | St. George, UT | Top Pay | 5.02.2022 Start NURSENOW LLC Salt Lake City, UT | Full Time
1 Month Ago
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Job Description

Position Summary

Provides nursing care to the surgical patient during the postoperative phase.  Involves assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of surgical patient.

Provides safe, knowledgeable, compassionate, educative, individualized and goal-directed nursing care to patients and their families in the immediate post-anesthetic period.  The application of physiologic and psychosocial knowledge and skills promotes, restores, and maintains the patient's physiological processes in a safe, comfortable, and effective environment, while facilitating the patient's adaptation to their surgical experiences.

The Nurse supports the Center philosophy as well as the policies and procedures, and the nursing philosophy of the Center.


Duties will consist of, but not be limited to:

  • Travel
    • Traveling to our Southern and Northern clinics as needed
  • Assessment
    • Assesses the physical status of the patient through personal observation and interaction.
    • Assesses the individual psychosocial and spiritual needs of the patient and significant other.
    • Demonstrates understanding and interpretation of diagnostic measures such as labs, chest x-ray and EKG.
    • Obtains an overview of the patient's status by reviewing the patient's chart.        
    • Consults with the peri-operative nurse who interviewed the patient pre-operatively.
  • Planning
    • Plans for a safe, efficient, effective, and clean environment for post-operative care.
    • Identifies problems and plans action to resolve problems.
    • Identifies goals for the individual patient and communicates these goals to others involved in the patient's care.
    • Assures that patient has appropriate discharge instructions; is accompanied by a responsible adult upon discharge; has the telephone number of the physician to call in the event of need during the first 24 hours post-surgery.
  • Implementation
    • Takes action to implement nursing care and resolve the problems identified for the individual patient.
    • Utilizes supplies, equipment, and resources to contain cost without compromising delivery of care.
    • Reduces chances of nosocomial infection by directing attention to infection control and environmental safety practices.
    • Reports and documents information accurately and in a timely manner.
    • Utilizes professional nursing judgment in the delivery of care.
    • Uses safe methods of handling equipment.
  • Evaluation
    • Evaluates action taken to implement nursing care plan and resolve problems accordingly.
    • Modifies intervention to achieve goals if previous intervention was not effective.
    • Evaluates own nursing practice and seeks ways of growing professionally
  • Interpersonal Relationships
    • Recognizes and utilizes appropriate lines of communication.
    • Foster cooperative efforts in meeting the goals of nursing by sharing workload.
    • Communicates a positive and caring attitude toward unit, peers, staff, and all other contacts.
    • Seeks guidance, direction and assistance where needed.
    • Conveys ideas, concepts, and facts relative to patient care in a logical, understandable, and concise manner.
  • Accountability
    • Seeks appropriate learning opportunities
    • Demonstrates competence and expertise in nursing practice.
    • Assumes responsibility for professional nursing practice within the law.
    • Maintains confidentiality of all patient and Center's communications/documents.
    • Utilizes judgment in determining nursing actions.
    • Acts as patient advocate in the coordination of patient care.
    • Always maintains safety rules.
    • Has knowledge of equipment and supplies and is familiar with their location in Recovery Room and Surgery, i.e.: emergency call system, oxygen, mechanical ventilator assistance equipment, including airways, ambu bag, defibrillator, cardiac monitoring equipment, tracheostomy set, laryngoscope and endotracheal tubes, suction equipment, emergency drugs and supplies specified by the Medical Staff.
    • Monitors emergency equipment.            
    • Has an in-depth knowledge of anesthetic agents and their actions, emergency drugs, impending complications, and emergency treatment of complications, should they occur.
    • Follows recovery room guidelines.
  • Must comply with all HIPAA privacy regulations regarding the confidentiality of Protected Health Information (PHI).
  • Must file an incident report for any unusual event that occurs to a patient or member of staff; this would include, but not be limited to, falls, needlestick injuries, aspiration of gastric contents, allergic reactions, and disruptive behavior by staff or patients. Also required to report any incidences or alleged incidences of abuse, harassment, or injury to self, other employees, or patients occurring at the Center or relating to the Center. Further specifications can be found in the Abuse Reporting documents and Code of Safe Practices, provided by the Director of Nursing


  • Fully vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Maintains current RN licensure and BLS certification, ACLS, and PALS (if applicable).
  • Has full command of the English language both verbal and written.
  • Is willing to serve as patients' advocate during the pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative phases of surgical intervention.
  • Meets the needs of the center as demanded by the surgical schedule, particularly when overtime hours and time changes become necessary.
  • Assists in the O.R. as necessary.
  • May be expected to lift twenty-five pounds without assistance.  Is required to obtain assistance when moving patients unable to assist in moving unless patient is in wheelchair or on gurney.  May be required to push patients in wheelchairs or on gurneys.  Will be expected to obtain assistance when needed.

Company Overview

  • Website
  • Headquarters SANTA BARBARA, CA
  • Size 25 - 50
  • Founded 1997
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  • Revenue <$5M
  • Industry Healthcare
  • About medbridge development

Skills for PACU RN

The job skills required for PACU RN include Patient Care, Planning, surgery, Nursing Care, cardiac,and nursing practice etc. Having related job skills and expertise will give you an advantage when applying to be a PACU RN. That makes you unique and can impact how much salary you can get paid. Below are job openings related to skills required by PACU RN. Select any job title you are interested in and start to search job requirements.

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Career Path for PACU RN

The following is the career advancement route for PACU RN positions, which can be used as a reference in future career path planning. As a PACU RN, it can be promoted into senior positions as a Chief Nurse Anesthetist that are expected to handle more key tasks, people in this role will get a higher salary paid than an ordinary PACU RN. You can explore the career advancement for a PACU RN below and select your interested title to get hiring information.

How to Become a PACU RN

If you are interested in becoming a PACU RN, you need to understand the job requirements and the detailed related responsibilities. Of course, a good educational background and an applicable major will also help in job hunting. Below are some tips on how to become a PACU RN for your reference.

Step 1 Understand the job description and responsibilities of a PACU RN

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Step 2 Knowing the best tips for becoming a PACU RN can help you explore the needs of the position and prepare for the job-related knowledge well ahead of time.

Career tips from people on PACU RN jobs
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Step 3 View the best colleges and universities for PACU RN

Butler University
Carroll College
Cooper Union
High Point University
Princeton University
Providence College