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Position Pays: $19.69 per hourSchedule: Monday-Friday                  7:00am - CloseJob Description: As a Coin Processor, you will work with your team to maintain inventory in our cash vaults for our Loomis customers.   Responsibilities: Count, sort, and handle coin bags weighing 50 pounds Manage the proper storage of pallets of boxed coin Requirements: Repetitiously lift, without assistance, at least 50 pounds from floor level to 3–4-foot level Ability to move bulk coin with hand carts or manual pallet jacks   Working Conditions: Work in a large area within a vault with little or no exposure to outside light Full-time schedule can potentially consist of an average of 40 to 50 hours/week, with a minimum of 5 days during a 6-day period   Essential Functions/Job Qualifications: As part of the qualification process for the Coin Processor position, a Human Performance Evaluation (HPE) is required. This evaluation requires successful completion of testing in the following areas: Lift: - 25lbs vertical lift from 10 inches to 66 inches from the floor (1X) Lift-Carry: - 18lbs vertical lift from 1 inch to 44 inches from the floor, and horizontally transfer 15ft (4X) - 18lbs vertical lift from 10 inches to 36 inches from the floor and horizontally transfer 300ft (1X) - 50lbs vertical lift from 10 inches to 36 inches from the floor and horizontally transfer 2ft (2X) Push-Pull: - Horizontally transfer 47lbs of force on a sled (single, non-dominant arm), a distance of 1ft (2X) Repetitive Coupling: - Squeeze Jamar Hand Dynamometer requiring forces up to 30lbs / both right & left hands (4X each)   Benefits: Loomis offers one of the most comprehensive employees benefit packages in the industry, which includes: Vacation and Sick Time (PTO) as well as Paid Holidays Health & Dental Insurance Vision Insurance 401(k) Plan Basic Life Insurance Plan Voluntary Life Insurance Plan Flexible Spending and Health Savings Account Dependent Care Account Industry leading Training and Development