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Pharmacist KnippeRx Inc. Charlestown, IN | Full Time
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Pharmacist Ascension Oneonta, AL | Other
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Pharmacist Ascension Birmingham, AL | Other
3 Days Ago
3 Days Ago
3 Days Ago
Pharmacist Ascension Middleburg, FL | Full Time
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Pharmacist Ascension Panama, FL | Full Time
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Pharmacist Ascension Village, IL | Other
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Pharmacist Ascension Hoffman, IL | Full Time
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Pharmacist Ascension Evansville, IN | Full Time
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Pharmacist Ascension Wichita, KS | Full Time
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Pharmacist Ascension Detroit, MI | Part Time
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Pharmacist Polaris Pharmacy Services Charlotte, NC | Other
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Pharmacist Distinctive Home & Healthcare New Hanover, NJ | Full Time
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Pharmacist Ascension Binghamton, NY | Part Time
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Pharmacist Legacy Health Silverton, OR | Other
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Pharmacist Kroger Tualatin, OR | Full Time
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Pharmacist Kroger Eugene, OR | Full Time
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Pharmacist Kroger Portland, OR | Full Time
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Pharmacist Kroger Milwaukie, OR | Full Time
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Pharmacist Kroger Hillsboro, OR | Full Time
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Pharmacist Ascension Murfreesboro, TN | Other
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Pharmacist Ascension Nashville, TN | Full Time
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PHARMACIST UHS of Delaware, Inc. LAREDO, TX | Full Time
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Pharmacist Ascension Austin, TX | Other
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Pharmacist Ascension Austin, TX | Other
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Charlestown, IN | Full Time

Job Description


Typical schedule will be within 8am to 8pm (Monday through Friday)


The Pharmacist has management oversight for the medication management activities.  The Pharmacist is responsible for providing comprehensive and accurate medication screening and dispensing services.  The Pharmacist is also responsible for the safe and efficient methods for coordination of specialty pharmacy policy concerning medication patient care and provides clinical medication information to meet the needs of the patient and their healthcare team. In addition, the Pharmacist manages the Pharmacy Technicians on a day-to-day basis.


  • Intake – Conducting the patient intake process by receiving referrals, screening patient demographic information, conducting benefits investigation, determining payor coverage for specialty drugs, and exploring opportunities for patient financial assistance for qualified candidates.
  • Clinical Management – managing patient care by coordinating with an integrated team of health care providers, assessing clinical data, and optimizing therapy to ensure appropriateness and safety of medication use through evidence‐based medicine, and to promote and monitor adherence and persistency.
  • Fulfillment – Coordinating the processing, distribution, and delivery of referrals while maintaining product integrity, managing inventory of specialty medications, following up with patients to ensure that they receive medications, and billing for services rendered.
  • Outcomes – Defining, collecting, integrating, analyzing, and reporting data to promote and facilitate optimal treatment outcomes and evaluate the pharmacoeconomic impact of service offerings.



  • Execute day-to-day operations in the pharmacy as they pertain to workflow, production quotas and deadlines and accuracy of prescription processing.
  • Ensure that the pharmacy is in compliance with all accreditation standards and local, state and federal rules and regulations regarding the practice of pharmacy. Assist in ensuring that the pharmacy is in compliance with all DEA policies and operating procedures as set forth by KnippeRx or the regulatory agency, whichever is stricter.
  • Supervise the Patient Care Coordinators to ensure accuracy of dispensing-related functions, adherence to delivery schedules, and utilization of safety programs.
  • Assist in the performance management, orientation and training of pharmacy personnel as needed.
  • Screen all new medication orders for appropriate dose, drug interactions, allergies, and contraindications prior to dispensing medication.
  • Provide verbal or written consultation and information on prescription and non-prescription medication for storage, side effects and drug interaction to healthcare professionals and patients.
  • Obtain verbal and/or written prescription orders from prescribers and/or designee as allowed by law.
  • Assist and maintain programs to manage pharmacy inventory and medical equipment provided to patients, to include but not limited to monitoring inventory levels, ordering, receiving and shipping.
  • Maintain clinical knowledge and skill level sufficient to render assistance to prescribers with regard to medication regimens and therapeutic options to ensure optimal medication therapy.
  • Monitor patient medication compliance and over-usage or under-usage patterns, provide adherence counseling when necessary.
  • Identify barriers to therapy and collaborating between customers and healthcare providers to achieve optimal outcome.
  • Assist with patient management responsibilities such as start of care with nurse/physician, patient care plan development and revision, and multidisciplinary patient care conferences.
  • Provide fulfillment process support by performing QA review as needed.
  • Oversee customer billing for services rendered and financial information requirements.
  • Provide proper oversight for all record keeping (e.g., patients, prescriptions, SOPs, etc.).
  • Support sales and marketing efforts in collaboration with other functional areas.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.



  • Pharm D or Bachelor of Science Degree in pharmacy
  • Two (2) years of Pharmacist experience
  • Current unrestricted license to practice pharmacy in good standing by the Indiana Board of Pharmacy
  • Proficient in the area of clinical interpretation; drug-drug, drug-disease, drug-food interaction and allergies
  • HIPAA, Fraud Waste and Abuse and Confidentiality training
  • Clinical monitoring experience
  • Demonstrated knowledge of regimens, products, medication, pumps and supplies
  • Demonstrated experience providing exceptional customer service
  • Ability to read, write, speak and understand the English language


  • Certified Specialty Pharmacist (CSP)
  • Board Certification by the Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties (BPS)
  • Previous experience in applicable Specialty pharmacy practice area
  • Experience with Specialty medications, Specialty disease management program, Oncology, REMS, and LDD programs
  • Understanding or knowledge of medication claims processing systems and/or medical information systems
  • Unrestricted multiple state pharmacist licenses
  • Bilingual skills (English/Spanish) 


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent analytical, problem solving and decision making skills
  • Excellent telephone communication skills
  • Excellent clinical pharmacy skills, laboratory value monitoring, and patient teaching skills
  • Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office products
  • Strong inbound and outbound telephonic skills, or ability to quickly learn
  • Ability to accept changing work flows and unexpected demands
  • Ability to work under pressure and appropriately prioritize responsibilities
  • Ability work independently with minimal supervision
  • Ability to work in a team-oriented environment and develop collaborative working relationships
  • Ability to enter data and retrieve patient information
  • Ability to present information clearly and professional to varying levels of individuals throughout the patient care process
  • Ability to work effectively in highly stressful situations, exhibiting flexibility in changing situations


  • Location of job activities 100% inside
  • Noise and/or vibrations exposure
  • Reaching (overhead), handling, and feeling
  • Stand and sit for prolonged periods of time
  • Lift, carry, and move up to 50 pounds

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Skills for Pharmacist

The job skills required for Pharmacist include Health care, Customer Service, Problem Solving, HIPAA, Flexibility,and Collaboration etc. Having related job skills and expertise will give you an advantage when applying to be a Pharmacist. That makes you unique and can impact how much salary you can get paid. Below are job openings related to skills required by Pharmacist. Select any job title you are interested in and start to search job requirements.

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Career Path for Pharmacist

The following is the career advancement route for Pharmacist positions, which can be used as a reference in future career path planning. As a Pharmacist, it can be promoted into senior positions as a Pharmacist Manager that are expected to handle more key tasks, people in this role will get a higher salary paid than an ordinary Pharmacist. You can explore the career advancement for a Pharmacist below and select your interested title to get hiring information.