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Hargrove Engineers + Constructors
Gonzales, LA | Other
$83k-104k (estimate)
6 Months Ago
Roseville, CA | Other
$94k-118k (estimate)
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Yuma, AZ | Full Time
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Oceanside, CA | Full Time
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Lemoore, CA | Full Time
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Ridgecrest, CA | Full Time
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San Diego, CA | Full Time
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Lansdale, PA | Full Time
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Brentwood, CA | Other
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San Jose, CA | Other
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East Hartford, CT | Full Time
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Tinker Air Force Base, OK | Full Time
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Lawton, OK | Full Time
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Albuquerque, NM | Full Time
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Jeannette, PA | Full Time
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Hargrove Engineers + Constructors
Deer Park, TX | Other
$102k-128k (estimate)
3 Days Ago
Clark & Co
Houston, TX | Full Time
$83k-106k (estimate)
3 Days Ago
Bfl Construction
Tucson, AZ | Full Time
$84k-106k (estimate)
4 Days Ago

Project Engineer

$83k-104k (estimate)
Other | Business Services 6 Months Ago


Education: Bachelor or Master of Science degree in Engineering from an accredited university is required.  


Registration: Current TWIC is required.


Experience: This position requires 3 to 8 years of relevant experience in engineering and project management. 


Responsible for technical leadership of a project as well as for supporting the Project Manager in managing project performance of the engineering team with respect to cost, schedule and Client satisfaction. This work will be performed under minimal supervision.


Primary responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

  • Informing the team of all technical issues, decisions, and problems encountered on project.
  • Coordinating with Client on technical design issues.
  • Coordinating with Project Management Team (PM, Construction Manager, Procurement Manager, Quality Manager, and Project Controls Lead) on execution issues
  • Supporting PM in managing:
    • Engineering budgets and schedule and facilitating identification, estimating and documentation of changes in scope.
    • Weekly and monthly reporting of engineering status and issues.
    • The planning, scheduling and forecasting of engineering resources to be employed on the project with the Project Discipline Leads and Department Resource Leaders.
    • Discipline awareness of their man-hours and associated estimate basis as well as the TIC estimate quantities and the tracking against these for the recognition of scope changes as the project progresses.
  • Developing or facilitating development of project specific engineering and design procedures Includes obtaining proper approvals if deviating from procedures.
  • Coordinating engineering input for the documents that define the project scope (e.g. Scope & Criteria documents, Engineering Execution Plans supporting the PEP, etc.).
  • Ensuring timely completion of muli-Discipline deliverables including: Line List, Equipment List, Area Classification Drawings, Post-IFD P&ID’s (assuring regular project review of master), and General Arrangement Drawings
  • Leading Inter-Discipline coordination by resolving design issues among/between disciplines.
  • For 3D modeling projects, regularly reviewing the model with a focus on:
    • gauging the level of timely inter-discipline coordination
    • considering loss prevention issues that cross disciplines
    • confirming clash detection is being done and clashes are resolved
  • Reviewing all design deliverables with particular focus on inter-discipline consistency and adequacy of discipline reviews and approving transmittals prior to issue.
  • Ensuring overall quality control of engineering work.


  • Knowledge of project execution procedures.
  • Knowledge and application of company business standards and good practices.
  • Knowledge and application of company engineering standards and project controls tools.
  • Ability to lead a team to deliver on commitments.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the function of all engineering disciplines, procurement, and construction processes.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in complex technical issues coordination and resolution.
  • Ability to manage client relationships in complex situations.
  • Ability to relate easily to others in the business community such as customers, suppliers, contractors, government, professional and trade associations.
  • Ability to handle stress with poise.
  • Understanding of existing and potential customer needs and preferences.
  • Ability to delegate authority appropriately.
  • Ability to clearly communicate expectations and requirements to team members and to structure accountability.
  • Organizational skills, ability to set priorities.
  • Coaching and mentoring skills and experience.
  • Excellent listening and communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Excellent presentation skills.
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office.






1,000 - 3,000








$5M - $10M


Business Services

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Hargrove Engineers + Constructors
Contractor | Full Time
$71k-101k (estimate)
1 Day Ago
Hargrove Engineers + Constructors
$78k-100k (estimate)
2 Days Ago
Hargrove Engineers + Constructors
$102k-128k (estimate)
3 Days Ago