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Director of Recruiting

Dallas, TX | Full Time

Job Description

Director of Recruiting – Remote

GIS Field Services, Inc. is mortgage field inspection company looking to hire a Director of Recruiting. This is a job that can be performed remotely and is broken down into two main parts: 1) overseeing the vendor network ina Vendor Managemnt capacity and 2) managing a team people driving recruiting efforts. GIS Field Services is a regional inspection firm that has been around for over 20 years and provides residential mortgage inspection services across 5 full states.

Required Experience

  • Prior experience at a national inspection company or a regional inspection company.
  • Microsoft Excel (pivot tables, filtering, formulas).
  • College Degree or significant prior back-office experience in the mortgage field industry.

Management Duties

  • Drive vendor coverage strategy 
  • Create inspector territory in InspectorADE which will involve using excel to manage a database of inspector territory by zip code.
  • Be responsible for managing master zip code list of GIS inspector territory and checking against the mapped territory for errors.
  • Post and prioritize jobs in the applicant tracking system
  • Set plan coverage plan when GIS decides to cross cover inspectors
  • Manage recruiting team
  • Approve inspection pricing

In addition to the management duties above, the Director of Recruiting will be able to also lead a team to oversee (and do if needed) the following:


  • Utilize the internal applicant tracking system
  • Call, email, and text applicants daily
  • Utilize the internal Proposal Builder platform to build out a map, volume, pricing and pay rates to be able to share with candidates prior to them being brought on.

Onboarding Paperwork

  • Make sure that new hires complete all the onboarding paperwork
  • Create account in InspectorADE
  • Facilitate applications for Aspen Grove ABC background checks
  • Keep new hire updated with where they are in the onboarding process

Orientation / Training Coordinator

  • Call each newly hired inspector once they are ready to get started, confirm work is in their queue.
  • Check to make sur work is getting completed by the inspector in InspectorADE.
  • Walk them through the GIS policies, expectations, and go over back-office employees so they know who to reach out to if there is an issue.
  • New Inspectors – Provide training while they are completing their first few inspections. Also walk through their first loss draft inspection live with them to teach them how to do this inspection type.
  • Weekly Check In Calls - Weekly check-in calls to make sure inspections are going smoothly and there aren’t’ any issues.

Aspen Grove Compliance

  • Renew inspector Aspen Grove ABC numbers ahead of their expiration date
  • Charge credit card so inspector is paying for their renewal

Job Details

  • 40 hours a week
  • Remote job
  • 15 days PTO
  • 401K matching
  • Health Insurance