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New York City, NY | Full Time
5 Months Ago
Chicago, IL | Full Time
$104k-130k (estimate)
1 Week Ago
San Francisco, CA | Full Time
$133k-164k (estimate)
1 Day Ago
Parry Labs
Huntsville, AL | Full Time
$80k-97k (estimate)
5 Days Ago
Synergy Global Technologies
Boston, MA | Full Time
$105k-135k (estimate)
5 Days Ago
Inceptio Technology
Fremont, CA | Full Time
$130k-162k (estimate)
1 Week Ago
Xor Security
Alexandria, VA | Full Time
$99k-129k (estimate)
1 Week Ago
10 Manhattan Associates
Atlanta, GA | Full Time
$105k-131k (estimate)
1 Week Ago
Hybrid Pathways
Hartford, CT | Full Time
$83k-106k (estimate)
2 Weeks Ago
Houston, TX | Full Time
$91k-113k (estimate)
2 Weeks Ago
Washington, DC | Full Time
$115k-148k (estimate)
3 Weeks Ago
3Tg Staffing Solutions
Silvis, IL | Full Time
$90k-108k (estimate)
3 Weeks Ago
Canoo Technologies
Justin, TX | Full Time
$106k-128k (estimate)
2 Months Ago
New York, NY | Full Time
$96k-118k (estimate)
2 Months Ago
New York, NY | Full Time
$109k-133k (estimate)
2 Months Ago
Vivid Seats
Chicago, IL | Full Time
$111k-137k (estimate)
2 Months Ago
Seattle, WA | Full Time
$119k-141k (estimate)
2 Months Ago
Cobalt Robotics
Fremont, CA | Full Time
$132k-168k (estimate)
2 Months Ago
Accenture Federal Services National Security Portfolio
Columbia, MD | Full Time
$118k-141k (estimate)
2 Months Ago
Adapt Health
Orlando, FL | Full Time
$115k-136k (estimate)
2 Months Ago
Inhabit Iq
Knoxville, TN | Other
2 Months Ago
Bellevue, WA | Full Time
$110k-138k (estimate)
3 Months Ago
Cooper University Hospital
CAMDEN, NJ | Other
$143k-172k (estimate)
3 Months Ago
Lehi, UT | Full Time
$89k-108k (estimate)
4 Months Ago
Omni Technologies
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD | Full Time
$107k-137k (estimate)
4 Months Ago
New York, NY | Full Time
4 Months Ago

Senior Security Engineer

Duolingo New York City, NY
Full Time | Business Services 5 Months Ago

Our mission at Duolingo is to develop the best education in the world and make it universally available. But we’ve got more left to do — and that's where you come in!

Duolingo is the most popular language-learning application in the world, with over 500 million users and over half a billion exercises completed daily. Beyond our core learning product, we have also entered into literacy with Duolingo ABC, English proficiency testing with the Duolingo English Test, and even Math.

We are passionate about educating our users, making fact-based decisions, and finding innovative solutions to complex problems. We offer meaningful work, limitless learning opportunities, and collaboration with world-class minds. Come brighten your life and over half a billion more!

As a security engineer, you will use and develop cutting-edge tools to maintain confidentiality, data integrity, and availability across all Duolingo services and platforms. Our strategy strives to continuously improve Duolingo’s infrastructure security and maintain compliance through automation and monitoring.

You Will...

  • Develop scalable monitoring systems for the detection of security anomalies
  • Streamline operational and development practices related to security
  • Analyze the current security posture and plan for future threats
  • Partner closely with our development teams to perform threat modeling, identify risks, and provide guidance to mitigate them
  • Harden networks against attacks
  • Work to improve the safety of our users from spam and abuse

You Have...

  • Experience handling several technical projects with multiple partners
  • Knowledge of Linux system administration and automation
  • Programming experience with Python
  • A desire to learn more about security and develop the foundational building blocks
  • Strong collaboration, emotional intelligence, and communication skills


  • A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related technical field
  • Proven experience developing and maintaining microservices
  • 2 years working on collaborative development teams
  • Experience in product, application, or cloud security

Exceptional Candidates Will Have...

  • Familiarity with containerization runtimes (Docker, rkt)
  • Experience securing a large infrastructure on AWS
  • Experience working on trust and safety or spam and abuse teams
  • Threat modeling experience across various architectures
  • Demonstrable experience in designing and managing multi-account cloud environments
  • Experience communicating sophisticated technical requirements to audiences of variable technical sophistication


We will do everything we can within reason to make sure that your interview takes place in an environment that fairly and accurately assesses your skills. If you need assistance or accommodation, please contact your recruiter.

Because Duolingo intends to require all employees to return to work from an office, all employees will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and have received any booster doses as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to remain employed unless they have an exemption to vaccination pursuant to a required reasonable accommodation. This is so that our employees feel safe in the office.

Take a peek at how we care for our employees' holistic well-being with our benefits here.






200 - 500








$50M - $200M


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Duolingo is an E-learning platform that offers language learning solutions for individuals.

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$96k-124k (estimate)
2 Months Ago
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3 Months Ago
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$176k-217k (estimate)
4 Months Ago