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Job Description

Senior trainer

Location: 2070 Chain Bridge Road, Vienna, VA 22182
Position: In person

The Bureau of the Fiscal Service (FS) is looking for a Senior Trainer on behalf of the Financial
Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

- Possess a level of technical and program management knowledge that results in a
demonstrated ability to plan, execute, monitor, and transparently report on the activities
of FinCEN on a day-to-day basis effectively and efficiently.
- Review FinCEN Query training documents and modules on FinCEN Portal to ensure
- Perform training services for FinCEN. The training sessions will include all modules in
the FinCEN Portal as well as FinCEN Query and Illicit Finance Methodologies.

Training services will include:

          -Meeting with management staff and performing additional research and
information gathering to create training modules and specifications.
          -Drafting for review, editing, and finalizing training materials, including standard
operating procedures, reports, checklists, manuals, and templates.
          -Ensuring training materials and documentation is easy to understand for its
intended audience.
          -Writing clear and concise drafts to submit for feedback.
          -Ensuring drafts and final versions are free of grammatical errors, completed to
establish milestone due dates.
          - Prepping charts, graphs, or forms to go along with training documentation.
          - Addressing management concerns in accordance with FinCEN policies.
          - Performing and tracking day-to-day training matters.
- Presentation of training shall include:
           - Materials and modules on the FinCEN portal; presentation of modules located
within the FinCEN Query application.
            - Reactive training (in-person and telephonically).
            - Hands on training for stakeholders.
            - Webinar training.

- Trainers will participate in Government Acceptance Testing related to FinCEN Portal and
FinCEN Query.
- Secret Level Clearance.
- 1 year of relevant experience