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Physical Therapist

Mountainside, NJ | Other
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Job Description


Provides direct, consultative, and supportive diagnostic and therapeutic physical therapy services to students, familymembers, faculty, and staff members to enhance students’ potential for learning and assist students in theacquisition of functional performance skills needed to access, participate in, and benefit from, the educationalenvironment.


  • Provides direct and consultative physical therapy services, including assessments and treatments in accordance with regulations, standards, and guidelines defined by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Code of Ethical Practice, N.J. Physical Therapy Practice Act, N.J. Department of Education (DOE), Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD), the students’ Individual Program Plan (IPP) and Individual Education Plan (IEP), the students’ approved behavior plan, Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA), and established Bancroft policies and procedures.
  • Conducts diagnostic assessments of need for physical therapy services and develops treatment plans for individual students, as needed or as assigned, to provide a comprehensive student profile:
  • Determines the need for therapeutic intervention, level of intellectual functioning, communication abilities, and achievement performance;
  • Reviews individual student records, administers standardized testing, performs formal and informal testing, performs classroom, clinical, and vocational observations, conducts specialized screenings, interprets assessment results, and provides recommendations for service delivery;
  • Based on assessment, develops and modified individual treatment plans based upon individual student’s abilities, learning capacity, and development needs.  Provides reassessment of students, focusing on targeted areas of need at established intervals; 
  • Assists in the planning and development of goals specific to physical therapy and treatment services that are educationally relevant, achievable, measurable, and can be effectively utilized in each individual’s educational program. 


  • Provides direct and consultative treatment services in physical therapy to students, family members, residential direct care givers, education faculty, and staff members within the educational environment:


  • Effectively utilizes available information regarding therapy, treatment, and developmental information for each student. Provides assistance in the development of physical therapy and treatment-specific individual educational goals and objectives; 
  • Assists faculty in the design of classroom strategies that enhance learning and create an environment best suited to individual students’ profiles and needs.  May conduct or assist in instruction within the classroom setting.  Provides individual, group, and integrated direct treatment, therapy, and/or special skill development/enhancement  to students;
  • Prompts and/or assists each person in the achievement of goals while actively encouraging the independence and competency of each person within his/her ability limit;
  • Plans and schedules frequency and duration of sessions in accordance with individual needs and School District mandates;
  • Provides suggestions regarding the utilization of techniques and/or materials to support and enhance learning abilities.  Recommends appropriate adaptive equipment to facilitate optimal functioning within the classroom environment, provides recommendations regarding classroom positioning, identifies barriers in an effort to minimize the impact on a student’s access to educational programs, and recommends environmental accommodations to both support classroom functioning and facilitate the carryover of therapeutic goals;
  • Demonstrates and instructs students and staff in the proper use of functional and adaptive equipment, devices and physical therapy techniques; e.g., computer use, positioning and feeding equipment, manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercise, gait and functional training, etc.;
  • Utilizes a system of documentation that is professional, efficient, accountable, and conforms to federal, state and School policies and procedures;  develops and maintains progress reports, session notes, treatment summary reports, etc., as mandated by the IPP;
  • Provides training on a variety of topics and specific to physical therapy to faculty and staff members regarding the implementation and monitoring of treatment plans, etc.;
  • Communicates and consults with faculty, staff, family members, medical/healthcare providers, specialists, and agencies working with students regarding physical therapy and treatment-specific needs and progress.  Provides physical therapy and treatment-specific strategies to facilitate positive parent/child interactions in the home and the carryover of treatment plans.


  • Facilitates a team approach to program development, implementation, and monitoring by effectively collaborating with all specialty/clinical disciplines, parents/guardians, school districts, etc., to identify and best meet the individual learning needs of each student.


  • Actively participates in three-month review meetings, team/departmental meetings, etc., and serves as a member of the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) process in conjunction with the Individual Program Plan (IPP).  Communicates results of assessments and treatment plans to faculty, family members, School District, and students.  


  • Maintains awareness of and utilizes established classroom management plans regarding the incorporation of physical therapy and treatment-specific programs.


  • As appropriate and according to schedule, may perform or participate in admission screenings for students to assess individual potential for learning from the applicable clinical perspective, provide recommendations for a potential student’s appropriateness for the school program and class placements.


  • Provides crisis intervention, as needed, through de-escalation techniques, staff support, and assistance. Follows state-approved emergency procedures and utilizes Bancroft-approved crisis intervention techniques at all times. 


  • Ensures the site operates in accordance with the organization’s quality standards for safety, security, and cleanliness, as well as applicable state licensing and accreditation standards.


  • Works directly with assigned Interns throughout course of assignment in the assessment and treatment of students.  Provides daily advice and guidance to Interns and strives to increase Intern’s knowledge of discipline-specific methods and techniques. 


  • Maintains an awareness of current and changing trends, techniques, methods, and research in the field of physical therapy and treatments by attending learning workshops and professional seminars, reading journals, attending in-service workshops, external conferences in area of specialty/clinical discipline, etc.  


  • Complies with N.J. DOE directives and mandates to maintain current discipline-specific certifications.


  • Serves as a role model to students by projecting a positive self-image of professionalism, appearance, confidentiality, courtesy, conduct, honesty, fairness, personal integrity, and a respect for the fundamental rights, dignity, and privacy of others.  


  • Performs other direct service, consultative, assessment, and supportive duties specific to physical therapy and treatment services as assigned or as necessary.  Remains flexible and adaptable in work schedules and work assignments as defined by educational needs.


  • Abides by the Bancroft Code of Ethics, Mission Statement, and Vision Statement in promoting ethical behavior, establishing relationships and providing guidance in decision-making situations.


  • Remains current with required training certifications, meets state-regulated licensing and regulatory accreditations, and adheres to mandatory requirements.


  • Maintains effective verbal and written communications with colleagues, those served, and their family members and/or guardians when applicable.


  • Willingly and effectively cooperates with Bancroft, The Department of Human Services, The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD), and other licensing or state agency or local municipalities in any inspections and investigations, upon request.


  • Maintains a safe and respectful environment, free of abuse, neglect, or exploitation; does not allow weapons, threats, bullying or intimidation.


  • Reports any violations to the appropriate individual as soon as the incident occurs.


  • Maintains levels of supervision as defined in behavior plans; e.g., Individual Program Plan (IPP), Individual Rehabilitation Plan (IRP), Individual Education Plan (IEP), Individual Service Plan (ISP), etc., when applicable.


  • Demonstrates Bancroft’s core values (Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Empowerment, Safety) in the performance of position responsibilities.


Graduate of an accredited physical therapy program with a minimum entry-level BS degree required. Current N.J.State Physical Therapist license required, as well as N.J. State School certification required.

EEO Statement

Bancroft is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and supports diversity, equity and inclusion in its hiring and employment practices, so that every team member can feel a true sense of belonging, and maximize their unique potential.  To this end, all applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.  

Company Overview

  • Website
  • Headquarters HARBOR CITY, CA
  • Size 1,000 - 3,000
  • Founded 2014
  • Type Private
  • Revenue $50M - $200M
  • Industry MFG Durable
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