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3 Chief Operating Officer Jobs in Delray Beach, FL

Achievement Centers
Delray Beach, FL | Full Time
$156k-260k (estimate)
8 Months Ago
Tenet Healthcare
Delray Beach, FL | Full Time
$504k-839k (estimate)
1 Week Ago
Delray Beach, FL | Full Time
$159k-265k (estimate)
7 Days Ago
Chief Operating Officer
Achievement Centers Delray Beach, FL
$156k-260k (estimate)
Full Time 8 Months Ago

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Achievement Centers is Hiring a Chief Operating Officer Near Delray Beach, FL



Position Overview

All ACCF employees are required to uphold the mission and vision of ACCF, and to foster an environment that promotes the academic, social, emotional and physical development of each child enrolled.

  • The Chief Operating Officer (COO) will serve as a critical member of the executive management team. In collaboration with the CEO, Chiefs and Senior Directors, the COO will articulate and implement the strategic vision and leadership of the Agency. The COO will design, oversee and support programs, ensure business plans are aligned with the budget, raise the Agency’s profile through external relationship building efforts and provide coaching, guidance, supervision and professional development to staff. The COO will be responsible for enhancing and supporting the functionality and effectiveness of the organization by ensuring that seamless and efficient operational processes that contribute to business growth and development are in place. The COO will be directly responsible for leading and providing oversite for a variety of programs including; Early Learning, Out of School Time, Summer Camp, Teen and Family Support Programs. The COO will also engage the Board of Directors under the direction of the CEO.


Classification: Exempt / Salaried

Schedule: Full Time

Reports to: CEO

Duties and Responsibilities:

Supervision & Staff Development

· Work in coordination with the CEO and assume the responsibilities of the CEO in her or his absence

· In conjunction with the CEO, work with members of the governing Operational Board and Foundation Board and staff, funding agency representatives, volunteers and contributors as necessary to provide resources, assistance, direction and insight into the scope of programmatic delivery

· Oversee candidate selection and interviews

· Train key Program Directors, managers and administrative staff

· Create and support a high-performing culture aligned with ACCF’s core values

· Develop a team-based environment which motivates and inspires staff to work collaboratively toward ACCF goals

· Develop and promote professional development, coaching and skill-building opportunities for staff

· Act as liaison for the agency with governmental, monitoring, contractual and funding entities

· Keep the CEO and other key administrators informed of program concerns, limitations, accomplishments, activities and events, as well as all matters where approvals and coordination of efforts are required

· Establish and foster a work environment that values and practices clear, consistent communication strategies

Regulatory & Monitoring Compliance

· Ensure Agency compliance with all programmatic requirements as set forth by licensing departments, contracts, Board policies, accreditations, training and any rules and regulations affecting the Agency. Such regulatory affiliates include but are not limited to NAEYC, QIS, Head Start, Family Central, Early Learning Coalition, Child Care Food Program and Voluntary Pre-K Programs.

· Train, orient and coach staff on how to meet and exceed regulatory standards, industry standards and accreditation standards

· Provide necessary narratives, financial information and required documents in a timely and efficient manner to regulatory affiliates

· Maintain working knowledge of, and oversee adherence to, agreements, compliance requirements, deliverables and outcomes for all contracts and grants affecting direct service. Coordinate, assign, train and supervise administrative staff as needed, assuring all requirements are met.

· Review reports generated by assigned personnel for accuracy before timely submission

· Monitor program evaluations and manage the implementation of any supplemental training needed to meet organizational standards

· Lead, direct and train program administrators in fiscal spending and reporting. Coordinate with the finance department, Foundation and CEO on key fiscal requirements

· Conduct and/or assign leadership to facilitate safety, regulatory compliance and industry-specific training on an annual basis

· Work with the Senior Director of Organizational Research and Program Development to develop program and grant-related outcomes that align with ACCF’s mission, vision and contracted grant requirements

· Ensure the collection and sharing of qualitative and quantitative program performance data

Program Operations

· Responsible for execution of the organization’s strategic plan, as well as programmatic operations and delivery, including but not limited to curricula, personnel, staffing, partnership, development, training, quality assurance and grant management

· Oversee the coordination, integration and delivery of all programs, contracts and related services

· Promote collaborative relationships among programs and ensure that the expectations of the Board of Directors, the Foundation, funders and clients are consistently met

· Confer with clients as needed, conduct parent conferences and act as a resource for all programs to foster a high level of family involvement

· Offer direction, guidance and support to Program Directors, managers and staff to promote family involvement

· Develop, implement and manage annual budget alongside the CFO and CEO

· Provide guidance and support to Program Directors in the management and utilization of financial resources and budget

· Work closely with the finance department to budget and monitor programmatic operations, ensuring sound fiscal and system management

· Develop a protocol to assess the feasibility and sustainability of programs, and to evaluate program effectiveness and efficiency

· Confer with Program Directors on performance evaluations, grievance concerns, disciplinary matters, agency policies and other employee issues; assist the CEO with the implementation and formulation of such policies, ensuring they comply with appropriate labor policies and regulations; conduct annual performance evaluations with Program Directors and other assigned staff

· Conduct and/or assign leadership to provide regularly scheduled, monthly staff meetings for all personnel

· Work with the Human Resources Manager to ensure all staff have appropriate and updated credentials, training, continuing education and screening

· Deploy resources efficiently and effectively toward organizational goals, working with staff to balance workload and effort

· Provide regular feedback so that key staff can continuously improve their supervision and mentoring skills

· Work strategically with partners to identify and implement new programs and initiatives that complement and enhance ACCF’s service delivery model

· Oversee performance management and professional development to ensure staff adequately perform job roles and functions and have an annual plan for professional growth and development

Business Operations

· Oversee transportation and facilities management

· Work with appropriate personnel and Program Directors to ensure safety and regulatory standards compliance, including conducting regular inspections and maintaining required licenses, insurance and certifications

· Work with facilities and fleet leadership and with Program Directors to negotiate contracts

· Oversee ACCF personnel and contracted vendors to ensure scheduling and implementation of regular maintenance and upkeep of all facilities, capital equipment, fleet vehicles and equipment

· Work with the CFO on the development and management of facilities and fleet budget

· Communicate with vendors as directed to secure annual bid reviews, updated records and certificates

Finance and Administrative Operations

· The COO will oversee the organization's Finance and Administrative Operations within the program departments.

· Adhere to and reinforce financial policies and procedures

· Promote a low-risk, safe environment and facilitate segregation of duties in high risks operations like cash management

· Assist the CFO with the creation of forecasts and budgets including staffing, facilities, food program, capital projects and grant budgets

· Assists the CFO with the fulfillment of set budgets

· Collaborate with the CFO in the stewardship of fixed assets

· Adhere to and reinforce internal control processes regarding personnel and payroll

· Participate in the design of IT plans and initiatives

· Partner with the CFO and Data manager on the capture and utilization of client data including internal and external sources, for the understanding and improvement of programs

· Adhere to procurement processes and policies and partner with the CFO in cost control initiatives

· Oversee operational workflows to ensure billing records, family data, and agency data are processed in accordance with applicable policies and procedures

· Ensure the use of the agency’s resources (time, money, people) are used in the most strategic and effective ways possible

· Participate in the vendor selection process and onboarding process

· Supports other Finance Department goals and initiatives

Other Duties as Assigned

Education and Experience

· BA degree from an accredited college, degree in Program Management or similar field preferred

· Comprehensive working knowledge of program planning, organizational structure, budgeting and administrative operations

· 15 years leadership experience in nonprofit programming with extensive senior leadership experience

· Teachers certification preferred

· 40-hour DCF course

· Center Director’s Credentials are preferred and must be obtained within the first year of employment

. Direct service, personnel, budget management and leadership development and training.

Essential Skills

· Consistently exhibit respectful, positive behaviors towards children and their families, colleagues, volunteers and visitors at all times

· Ability to analyze curriculum data and effectively compile and write outcome reports

· Strong community awareness and astuteness

· Ability to successfully navigate in a fast-paced and community-driven environment

· Excellent written and verbal communication skills

· Strong interpersonal and organizational skills

· Strong leadership and public speaking skills

· Extensive experience in developing and delivering training

· Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite

· Proficiency in creating and managing program budgets

· Ability to manage time effectively, oversee several projects and programs at once, while remaining flexible regarding work assignments and promptly responding to changing demands and priorities

· High level of project and initiative management skills

· Demonstrated ability to successfully execute and complete assigned tasks

· Regular attendance is a necessary and essential function

· Travel will be required weekly

Additional Employment Information

· The successful candidate must obtain all required credentials, training and continuing education necessary to perform job duties and meet standards

· Pre-employment and ongoing background checks required

· 90-180 day initial probation period

· Pre-employment and random drug testing & alcohol screening

* Achievement Centers for Children and Families is an equal opportunity employer. This job description is not an employment agreement or contract. Management has the exclusive right to alter this job description at any time. *

Job Summary


Full Time


$156k-260k (estimate)







La Grange Park, IL



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