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4505 Burgers & Bbq
San Francisco, CA | Full Time
$40k-52k (estimate)
2 Months Ago
Burke Porter
Buffalo Grove, IL | Full Time
$28k-39k (estimate)
5 Days Ago
Culver's | Gsmb, Inc.
Foley, AL | Full Time
$33k-43k (estimate)
Just Posted
L0442 Avondale Nissan
Avondale Nissan Avondale AZ, AZ | Part Time
$32k-41k (estimate)
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Satellite Management Co
Fullerton, CA | Full Time
Just Posted
Housing Authority County Of San Bernardino
772 Pine St. Colton, CA | Part Time
$33k-46k (estimate)
Just Posted
Burger King
Branford, CT | Full Time | Part Time
$31k-42k (estimate)
Just Posted
Gci Residential
Fort Myers, FL | Full Time
$38k-52k (estimate)
Just Posted
Burger King Carrols Corporation
Sellersburg, IN | Full Time
$23k-30k (estimate)
Just Posted
Gerber Payroll Services, Inc.
Wabash Ave, IN | Full Time
$24k-32k (estimate)
Just Posted
Burger King Carrols Corporation
Howell, MI | Full Time
$24k-32k (estimate)
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Burger King Carrols Corporation
Kalamazoo, MI | Full Time
$24k-31k (estimate)
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Culver's | Culvers Of Waite Park
Waite Park, MN | Full Time
Just Posted
The Culver Group Inc
Wilson, NC | Full Time
$60k-79k (estimate)
Just Posted
Burger King Carrols Corporation
Yadkinville, NC | Full Time
$23k-31k (estimate)
Just Posted
Burger King Carrols Corporation
King, NC | Full Time
$23k-31k (estimate)
Just Posted
Burger King Carrols Corporation
Newton, NJ | Full Time
$28k-37k (estimate)
Just Posted
Complete Care At Mercerville
Hamilton Township, NJ | Full Time
$27k-36k (estimate)
Just Posted
Burger King Carrols Corporation
Norwich, NY | Full Time
$23k-31k (estimate)
Just Posted
Home Life Services Inc.
Corona, NY | Full Time
$27k-36k (estimate)
Just Posted
Burger King | Pec Management
East Liverpool, OH | Full Time
$33k-46k (estimate)
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Cardinal Group Companies
Eugene, OR | Full Time
$26k-35k (estimate)
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Burger King Carrols Corporation
Gaffney, SC | Full Time
$23k-30k (estimate)
Just Posted
Burger King Carrols Corporation
Camden, TN | Full Time
$22k-29k (estimate)
Just Posted
Platinum Parking
Austin, TX | Full Time
$24k-32k (estimate)
Just Posted
Texas Born (Txb)
Leonard, TX | Full Time
$30k-40k (estimate)
Just Posted


4505 Burgers & Bbq San Francisco, CA
$40k-52k (estimate)
Full Time 2 Months Ago

Job Purpose |

To maintain a clean and organized restaurant. Support the front of house and kitchen operations by assisting in general

cleanliness and maintenance. Organize and maintain storage spaces, interiors, exteriors, including walk in refrigerators,

bathrooms, walls, etc. Maintain cleanliness and sanitation standards for all our facilities, kitchenware and cookware. Support

the front of the house and guest experience by maintaining clean and tidy patio area. Maintain a balance between cleaning

duties and maintenance/repair.

Duties and Responsibilities |

The porter duties and responsibilities include the following but are not limited to this overview,

 Have strong multitasking skills.

 Follow a daily and weekly cleaning checklist.

 Check in all deliveries and put away new product in an organized fashion, and properly label all stored product.

 Assist in prep production including slicing, storing, blending vegetables and sauces, if necessary

 Maintain a First In First Out organization in storage areas (FIFO).

 Maintain clean and organized storage areas.

 Run all dishes and cookware and restock to their designated areas.

 Monitor and maintain accessible trash bins. Clean trash bins as needed.

 Be able to operate a pressure washer and pressure wash the patio and other facilities on a regular basis.

 Thoroughly clean the restroom every day, and maintain its cleanliness.

 Give prompt and courteous response to guest and supervisor requests.

 Optimize and maintain equipment and report malfunctions. Perform repairs when possible.

 Maintain appearance of exterior areas, painting or cleaning walls as directed.

 Work with knives, sharp machinery, ability to train and safely utilize machinery.

 Wash dishes in the dishwasher. Hand wash dishes that cannot be washed in dish washer.

 Restock chemical soap and sanitizer solutions.

 Set up trash bins for AM prep. Take out trash when full.

 Communicate in a professional, positive, and respectful manner with all team members and guests.

 Attend required meetings and participate in team trainings.

 Assist in cleaning projects, deep cleaning, cleaning up irregular messes including back areas, restrooms, guest areas, employee areas, stock rooms, coolers, sweeping.

 May be required to work offsite events on occasion for special events.

Qualifications |

Qualifications include,

 Must be available for day and evening shifts including weekends and holidays.

 Comfortable coordinating and completing several tasks at once.

 Have a passion for the sustainable food and hospitality industry.

 Professional demeanor and appearance are required.

 Able to safely lift up to 50 pounds.

 Able to reach, bend, stoop.

 General knowledge of food safety and sanitation requirements, labeling, storing, temperatures, etc.

 Work in a fast pace environment under high pressure circumstances.

 Ability to communicate successfully with team members and guests.

 Abel to understand a prep list with recipes including measurements and specific details. Able to ask questions.

 Food handling certification.

 Work in a team environment to participate in a successful kitchen experience.

 Be punctual.

 Communicate with kindness and respect.

 Ability to adhere and follow a rigorous training.

 Ability to take and execute direction professionally and successfully from all supervisory team members.

 Hard working and self-motivated.

 Professional kitchen experience with ability to follow recipes and instruction at least 6 months preferred.

Working Conditions |

This position requires multi-tasking and orchestrating several tasks at one time. It may require working late hours, weeknights,

weekend nights, and holidays. Working in crowds and navigating dish tubs, hot dishes with sanitizing solutions, through

crowded environment may be required. This position may require employees to work in a small space with high temperature

and hot surfaces, and liquids. This position may require working outside in direct sunlight, windy conditions, and exposed to

birds. This position may require working in cold temperatures with cold surfaces. Working under high stress circumstances may

be required. Working in a loud environment with several conversations, music, and outside noise. Skid and slip resistant

footwear and appropriate clothing may be required. This position may require working mostly in dish pit but may also expose

individual to outside temperatures and weather including possible rain. This position may expose employees to car horns, car

exhaust fumes from the street, and to homeless individuals. The working conditions of this position may expose employee to

close proximity to a marijuana shop/children’s school.

Physical Requirements |

This position requires standing for extended periods of time in some instances the entirety of the shift not

Company Introduction

Welcome to 4505 Burgers & BBQ. 4505 Meats began as a whole animal meat company in San Francisco, founded by Ryan Farr with immeasurable help from family and friends in 2009.
Here at 4505 Burgers & BBQ, we partner with farmers and ranchers to produce the highest quality BBQ from animals raised humanely and with care. Equipped with one of the area’s last remaining historic wood-fired barbecue pits, we are informed by the traditions and styles that have come before us, and we honor the greats who have stoked the pits in the wee hours of the night.
From 4505’s very beginning when Ryan started selling Chicharrones at the Farmer’s Market, we have strived to keep it simple and always follow our stomachs. We respect those who’ve come before us, but we do things our own way, the 4505 way.




San Francisco, CA



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4505 Burgers & Bbq
Full Time | Part Time
$47k-68k (estimate)
1 Day Ago
4505 Burgers & Bbq
Full Time
$43k-59k (estimate)
1 Week Ago

The following is the career advancement route for Porter positions, which can be used as a reference in future career path planning. As a Porter, it can be promoted into senior positions as a Bell Captain - Casino that are expected to handle more key tasks, people in this role will get a higher salary paid than an ordinary Porter. You can explore the career advancement for a Porter below and select your interested title to get hiring information.

Patisserie Vanessa
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